GENUINE PEOPLE Groupe Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively, “GENUINE PEOPLE”), respect your concerns about information security. GENUINE PEOPLE is committed to protecting the security of the information we collect and maintain about our most important asset - our customers.

How We Protect Information about our Customers

Information Security Tips for Protecting Yourself

Email Security

On the Phone

SSL Certificate

When logging in or checking out on the GENUINE PEOPLE websites, all sensitive data is transmitted over HTTPS. This means a secure SSL connection has been established, and that all data transmitted through this connection will be encrypted. If you are receiving SSL Certificate errors when accessing the GENUINE PEOPLE websites, that means that the domain name in the SSL certificate does not match the address that is in the address bar of the browser. Alternatively, it may mean that your browser is misconfigured and does not accept the root certificate used by GENUINE PEOPLE. Please contact if you encounter this error. 


If you suspect that any account information has been compromised or fraudulent charges have been made on your GENUINE PEOPLE account, please contact Customer Support immediately for assistance by contacting us through the website or calling (877) 280-0545.

Updates to this Information Security Policy

This Information Security Policy may be updated periodically and without prior notice to you to reflect changes in our information security practices. We will post a prominent notice on our websites to notify you of any significant changes to our Information Security Policy and indicate at the bottom of the policy when it was most recently updated.

Historical Modifications

1/28/2012: Initial version posted
4/30/2014: Revision posted